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John 3:16

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I respect whatever a person believes, so long as it causes no harm to anyone else. I will never judge you, and I freely accept if you should choose to walk away from this page.

I believe in God as my Spiritual and Heavenly Father, Mother, Brother, Sister... and, I believe that His son, Jesus Christ lived on earth in physical form to be sacrificed so that I may be forgiven, and live a full life here on earth, through the grace and mercy of His Holy Power. I believe that Jesus lived to show us how to live. I am forgiven, we all are. The mercy of His Light waits patiently at our door. And it is fully our choice to open ourselves up and let Him in to heal and renew our life. Or not. Your beliefs are yours and mine are mine. As the late and wonderful psychotherapist, Virginia Satir said, 'taste everything, swallow only that which fits'.

The grounding and emphasis for all this website is love. My intention is to share.

I go to a Bible believing church: read my bible, take out the metaphorical value each time, and do my best to apply it within my life. I prayerfully do my best to humanly get out of the way of God's plans for my life. This hopefully brings forward Spiritual Gifts (we all have our uniqueness and specialities) and Purpose for being here. And, for a more Congruent Spiritual and Soulful experience. If you want to know about having, holding faith, and 'staying' power (I am not talking about religion or even about Christianity), read my blog about Autism. It's about how life shapes who we are. A standing testimony to a faith matured through experience. It explains a life of human struggle, and pain. But I hold no measuring stick here, because we have all had our trials and tribulations. We have our Cross to bear. Human life is hard. Yet we are still here, alive. We have this privilege. It depends on how we choose to look back and learn, if we choose.

Powered by Faith blog posts are about anything faithful. 

Sometimes it can be inspiring for others to share how we feel God, or our Creator, is working within our life. This is called a testimonial. There are times when I feel something amazing has or is happening, and I want to share the Good News.

 If reading my words inspires you, then I am glad I made the decision to write about it. This is how I like to think about my purpose: Please take on board the information that suits you in your life, disregard that which does not, and feel free to comment within the blog.

May you feel blessed. May you feel loved by your Creator. May you know, you are never alone. And loved, unconditionally by a far greater sources than we are humanly capable of understanding.

In my opinion, Blessed Worship