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Paula Anne Thwaite, Writer, Author and Occasional Psychotherapist
Paula Anne Thwaite, Writer, Author and Occasional Psychotherapist

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Introducing one of our own books, Breakfast On The Patio - a place we yearned to rest, and watch the world go by...

Breakfast On The Patio is the true diarised renovation story of a rose tinted, yet surprisingly delightful experience of moving from a busy city in Yorkshire to a secluded old farm workers cottage, in the middle of a field, and at the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds. This 354 page 2nd Edition Publication is our before and after Trophy to my wonderful best friend of a partner, for all his hard work and toil. In date order, the book contains useful tips, renovation ideas, and homely stories. Breakfast On The Patio is now globally distributed, available in paperback format in most well-known book stores, and still available free to download on Amazon Kindle if you are a Kindle Unlimited Member.

Published 29th October 2012. ISBN 978-0957242005, Publisher, All At Ivy Cottage, Lincolnshire. Distributor, www.nielsen.co.uk

It was our very own escape to the country. We were about to make our dream come true...On that scorched after-the-rain day in July, we took several visits to Lincolnshire as they led us through those blinding downpours of 2007. Next, we welly-waded our way through flash-floods, arriving at the destination. A dead-end road sign marked the beginning of a very long, single tracked and unmade, stone coated road. Ditsy wild flowers decorated the six foot grass verge. In the distance, a straw cowboy hat garnished a spindle-like figure. He gestured us both forward. He was expecting us. I wondered if this was an intuitive warning. Because the fire poker, or whatever this top-hatter was stabbing into the grass, made me feel all a quiver inside as he stood in front of a nettle infested drainage trench. But next, and much to our relief, out-popped a comfortable-in-her-own-skin, rosy-cheeked countryside lady. She wore a green gingham piney, and smiled as if she were born there, like a Springtime Daffodil, waving her pastel yellow shades in the breeze. Natural ...and as the Lincolnshire Wolds began to dry, stretch-out and bloom. The true Mother Nature essence displayed her boldness and grace. Well, we were townies! What do you expect? Common sense? Noooooo, I don't think so! We yelled out the words, 'Yes, pleeeease, can we take it...? This place you have here is b-e-a-utiful!' Our logical view blurred by the brightest cerise rose-tinted wannabe yokels. ..and as time flew by, we replaced the fire poker and gingham piney with our own surreal, life changing experience. Our journey was well underway. BUT, and as quickly, it had also grown giants legs, and began to sprint so fast that neither Wellington boots, drain rods, nor fly swatters could keep up with this renovation revelation. We had climbed upon, fastened ourselves in, and white-knuckle-gripped the chugging runaway train. Nothing could stop us now. ALL ABOARD...!

Through independent means, I have written, published and successfully marketed a few other titles. And this was a huge learning curve. Sheila Douthwaite's Breakfast On The Patio, being our first born. 

**Believe me, this really has nothing to do with making money, in fact it has cost me, lots. Too much, in fact. However, writing is a way for me to give something back to the community for all the support and help I have received over the years. Paying for editing, proofing, and then publishing, has been an interesting financial journey, to say the least. I am not J K Rowling or anyone similar on a smaller scale. Although that would be a dream come true. I just love to write, it is my therapy, my way to process this extremely busy Autistic mind. And if by reading my words, it helps you too, job done!**

Breakfast On The Patio remained at Number One in the Bestseller list of Home Repair within Amazon Kindle, back in 2014-2016. Newspapers and magazines also published articles about our very own Escape to the Country Dream Come True. It has been described in the following way by readers, 'humorous chatty language style, when situations are ironical is a great strength in the writing...' and 'I enjoyed every bit of the story'. Also, Any 'sane' person would have run a mile from this ramshackle cottage, but Sheila and Frank knuckled down with lots of hard work, many new challenges and finally had a wonderful home and a glorious tale to tell.' (Reviews taken from Amazon.)

Do join us writers at NaNoWriMo, it can be fun to help motivate each other towards achieving goals.

Did you know writing can be therapeutic? I experience the writing process as medicinal.

I am qualified in psychotherapy, counselling and healing therapies as a Person Centred Counsellor with Psychotherapy Skills, all from way back in the early 1990's. I no longer work with clients, although sometimes provide help for charity.

The blog, Creative Psychotherapy, is a collection of quotes and inspiring explanations. The blog, Counselling Muse, is about all things psychotherapy, counselling, people and behaviour. Please enjoy, be mindful, and soak up any reflections.

I made this lady. Narnah Buntwinkle. She is one of the characters from my current work in progress.
I made this lady. Narnah Buntwinkle. She is one of the characters from my current work in progress.

I love writing. Human behaviour fascinates me. Perhaps you would like to read one or two of my blog posts and leave a comment. Please feel free to join in the conversation.

Narnah Buntwinkle and her Arclight - All images and text relating to this book are Copyrighted to Paula Anne Thwaite 2023
Narnah Buntwinkle and her Arclight - All images and text relating to this book are Copyrighted to Paula Anne Thwaite 2023