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Introducing Breakfast On The Patio - the story of our very own Escape to the County. 

Breakfast On The Patio is the diarised account of a Yorkshire family who moved fr0m a busy city to a secluded old farm workers cottage, hidden deep within the Lincolnshire Wolds.
This 354 page 2nd Edition, written in date order, contains renovation ideas, before and after pictures, and homely countryside stories from the heart.

"Despite all our hard work, learning to live with Nature can be the most exhilarating thing - it does something to you, it changes you. It makes you appreciate God's amazing world...
I mean, we even sat and watched bats and owls fly around our cottage at nightfall. We saw badgers take their evening 'plod' along our lane. We learned how to keep ducks, hens. and grow vegetables. We even learned how to distinguish animal calls -deer and foxes - absolutely amazing!"

Did you know, The Lincolnshire Wolds has recently celebrated 50 years of being officially named an 'Area Of Outstanding Beauty'. The BBC published information via this link.

Our book, Breakfast On The Patio, is now globally distributed, available in paperback, and through Amazon Kindle.

"We did what lots of people talk about and never follow through.
Ask if we would do it again - absolutely!
And w
Because we made it work.
We made our dream come true.

We succeeded with foolhardy determination - we-made-it-work! We turned that ram shackled old house into a wonderful home."

Published 29th October 2012
ISBN 978-0957242005
Publisher, All At Ivy Cottage, Lincolnshire.

Distributor, www.nielsen.co.uk


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