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Busy Corner Books are more than an independent publisher. Here we would like to offer you a peaceful space to visit, draw upon information, and feel encouraged with new thoughts, new feelings ...and maybe newly inspired ideas. We offer this through our creative blogs, and are always interested in your comments.

Busy Corner Books have written and published a few titles. Sheila Douthwaite's Breakfast On The Patio being our first book, published in 2012. **Soon to be added to this website. Thank you for your kind patience. We are currently updating this website.**

Breakfast On The Patio, is the true diarised story of a rose tinted, yet surprisingly delightful experience of moving from a busy city in Yorkshire to a secluded old farm workers cottage in the middle of a field, at the edge of the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds. 

It was our very own escape to the country, and began in the Summer of 2007, when Frank and Sheila yelled out the words, 'Yes please! We'll take it! This place is b-e-a- utiful!'  ...and so their journey began. (We changed our names for the story. Our real ones being Barrie and Paula Anne.)

Creative Psychotherapy

Both Barrie and myself are qualified in psychotherapy, counselling and healing therapies.

Busy Corner Books share a blog, 'Creative Psychotherapy', with cards, quotes, and brief explanations. Please enjoy, be mindful, and soak up any reflections.

The Counselling Muse

Busy Corner Books also have a blog, 'The Counselling Muse' - all things counselling and psychotherapy.

I love writing. Human behaviour, I find fascinating. Perhaps you would like to visit our blog(s) and leave a comment or two. Please feel free to join in the conversation. And do visit me at NaNoWriMo, it can be such fun to create goals for yourself. Did you know writing can be therapeutic?

Have a great day, and thank you for dropping by.

Peaceful thoughts, warm feelings, and best wishes to you,

Barrie and Paula.


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