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Paula Anne
Paula Anne

Dear Reader and Writer,

In recent times, we have helped those who prefer not to engage in computer technology, by typing up, formatting, and taking a piece of written work right through to publication and distribution in return for a small fee. It is important to charge a fee. Unless you have been through the process of self-publishing a manuscript yourself, it can be difficult to appreciate the hours of often tedious background work required to reach a finished product. However, when embarking upon a project, two-way communication is very important so that we can be of the same mind and decide on a final amount at the beginning, and both appreciate what is expected from our time together.

One example was a dear lady who wrote meaningful Lincolnshire Countryside Poetry. She wanted to see her poems in a published format as a legacy to her family, but didn't know how to use a computer. The lady asked for our help.

As a team, we worked together, sometimes weekly, sometimes monthly, deciding on pictures, the format/order of the poetry, and the book cover. We involved the lady every step of the way until she was ready to order a small batch of paperback books.

What a delight it was to see her face when the books arrived. The lady even went on to have her upcoming book launch published in the local newspaper.

A similar project: ghost writing a book for a gentleman who found it difficult to put pen to paper.

And, offering advice through our own experience to those who are partially through their own publishing journey and need advice or objective readers for their written work. At Busy Corner Books we can offer 2 confidential Beta Readers, and published reviews with Amazon and Goodreads.

If you would like to know more about therapeutic writing and feedback, Both Barrie and I have a background in psychotherapy skills, integrative counselling, language patterns, and communication skills. In the past we have worked one to one with clients, and small groups.

And finally, we have written and published blogs, articles and website content. Click here for one example. Please ask if you feel Busy Corner Books may be able to help.

Busy Corner Books offer you the following:

1. Respect, transparency, honesty and integrity.

2. Discuss with you your expectations, along with our capabilities.

3. Agree a mutual format, outcome and time frame.

4. Mutually agree a fixed fee at the start of our time together (excluding your own book orders or printing).

5. Clarify both our expectations in writing, and agree to keep you continually informed of our progress.

6. Everything will be treated in strict confidence. A record of your project will be deleted from our system 60 days after mutually agreed completion.

**Any personal contact information will be treated in accordance with the current data protection law, and Busy Corner Books will not pass any information to third parties.**

Please feel free to ask any questions.

prayers and best regards,
Paula Anne and Barrie: