A renovation journey
A renovation journey

Dated from 2007-2016, this homely story is about a family who decide to escape a busy modern suburban life in Yorkshire to a Lincolnshire Wolds countryside cottage - in the middle of a field - their nearest neighbours being foxes, deer, owls, badgers, rabbits, hares, rats, mice, stoats, geese, hawks, buzzards, beetles, spiders, ducks, hens, farmers, flies, the odd neighbour once every 2 weeks, and a few inquisitive bullocks.

Not surprisingly, this dear old cottage needs a little tender loving care, and a renovation. So the Douthwaites set to work on their near 10 year journey of personal growth and change.

As the cottage agrees to adopt this family, Mother Nature accepts a compromise too, and the ramshackled old place is transformed into a home, where the Douthwaites eventually enjoy their well-earned Breakfast On The Patio.

This is a candid reflection of struggles and achievements, with before and after pictures of Frank Douthwaites renovation work, as he strives to earn a living whilst turning this old cottage into a liveable home. Instead of breaking down and running away, this family prove with fool-hardy determination, it can be done. All the lifestyle changes, the compromises, the learnings, can bring a family closer together, including a teenage daughter, to enjoy something lots of people talk about but never get the opportunity to do for themselves.

Breakfast On The patio has been reviewed and articles published with Lincolnshire Life Magazine, Lincolnshire Poacher Magazine, Lincolnshire Echo Newspaper, The Writers Magazine, Louth Leader Newspaper and Skegness Standard. As well as Mary, Madge, Cynthia and Ronald who like to exchange important information at Busy Corner whilst collecting eggs, jam jars, parsnips and tomatoes.

Breakfast On The Patio continued to stay in the top 10 ranking with Amazon Kindle Home Repair from 2014-2017. It continues to be enjoyed by many. First published in 2012, this 254 page paperback book is available to purchase for £12.99. ISBN: 978-0957242005. Available on Amazon Kindle for £3.99.

Available to purchase in paperback and kindle via this link.

A fab inspiring note pad
A fab inspiring note pad

Always have your note pad and pen to hand!

This neat pocket size book is a great way to record your spontaneous thoughts and feelings. Especially if you are planning to write a story or a book.

But what if ideas refuse to flow naturally?

What if you feel stuck?

Maybe, you have an idea but struggle to find the words?

Owning Your Moose is a smart concise guide, with prompts to get your creativity going.

The authors, with 25+ years experience in psychotherapy and language patterns, use comedy to encourage the reader to make notes and develop a regular habit of recording ideas night and day.

Catch and own those unconscious words and ideas before they disappear!

Published in 2015, Owning Your Moose - The Essential Guide, is a 56 page pocketbook (half notebook), available to purchase for only £4.99. (*Currently out of stock until Autumn 2024*) ISBN 978-0-9572420-2-9.

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Busy Corner Books are excited to announce they have 5 more books currently in process: A Christian testimonial workbook, two books about ethics and boundaries in helping relationships, a faithful make-believe story to help bring the reader closer to God and their true self, and a pocket book about loss and revival. Publication expected 2025.

The Client's Dance is a metaphor for the client's communication - their dynamics and behaviour in a therapy session.

Anything and everything I do is based around The Client's Dance. I take notice and sense the client's experience instead of doing or applying a model of therapy onto the client. Working in this way is bearing in mind and noticing the client's uniqueness, their specialness, their limitations, where the client might be stuck, the client's resourceful parts and their own immediate experience - the client's own process.

The Client's Dance is a 234 page verbatim style paperback.

A resourceful book for those interested in the subjective value of therapy, healing, and the client/therapist relationship.

There are many academic books about therapy. Barrie Foster shares his 25+ years experience to bring you The Client's Dance, bridging the gap between analytic/logical thinking and the real world. This book is written in simple and easy to understand language, without jargon. Potentially interesting to students, clients and therapists. Or anyone who would like to know more about the human experience.

Available to purchase for £14.99. (*Currently out of stock until Autumn 2024.*) ISBN 978-0957242081.

*Pre-orders currently being taken, please email your request to*

Busy Corner Books are always grateful to receive suggestions, ideas, help, or financial contributions in the form of donations. Our entire projects are self-funded and these costs can be very expensive. Busy Corner Books are not a money making project. It is our Mission to share, through faith and trust. If you feel led to help us, offer a 'skills-swap', or give a small financial contribution, please let us know. Our email address is and you can write your message to either Paula or Barrie.